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Welcome to a world full of adventure and relaxation! Holiday Home AG presents you with a wide selection of fantastic holiday homes and holiday apartments in Germany, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and France.

Whether you are looking for a quiet break in the mountains or want to relax on the beach, we have the perfect holiday home or the ideal apartment for you. With our wide range of accommodations, you are guaranteed to find the right thing for your needs.

13.138 Vacation accommodation
inside Europe
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800 tourist regions
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Experience the incomparable flair of the German cities, the breathtaking nature of the Alps, the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, the Azure Blue Sea and the white beaches of Croatia, the pulsating towns of Spain, the charming villages of Switzerland, the historical treasures of Czech Republic, the majestic mountains of Austria , the untouched nature of Slovenia, the magnificent castles and vineyards of France or the mystical forests and rivers of Slovakia and Hungary.

Our holiday homes and apartments not only offer you maximum comfort, but also a variety of activities that will make your vacation unforgettable. Hike through the mountains, dive in the sea, enjoy the regional specialties, visit the cultural sights and relax in your own oasis.

We at Holiday Home AG are proud to be able to offer you the perfect accommodation for your next dream vacation. Book now and be inspired by the beauty and variety of our destinations!

Popular holiday homes & apartments in Italy

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Popular holiday homes & apartments in Croatia

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