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Pula, a fascinating city on the southern tip of the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia, attracts numerous visitors every year who want to spend their vacation here. With its rich history, cultural sights, beautiful beaches and a variety of holiday accommodations, Pula offers the ideal place for an unforgettable vacation.

One of the main attractions of Pula is the well -preserved Roman amphitheater, which is one of the largest preserved Roman arenas in the world. It is an impressive architectural masterpiece and a testimony to the rich history of the city. In addition to the amphitheater, there are other Roman ruins such as the Temple of August, the Sergierbogen and the forum, the visitors kidnap the past in Pula.

The beaches of Pula are known for their crystal clear water and their picturesque beauty. There are different beaches in the area of ​​Pula, from sandy beaches to gravel and rocky beaches that are equally attractive for sun worshipers, swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. The nearby Brijuni Islands, a national park, are also a popular destination for boat tours and offer beautiful beaches and a rich wildlife.

Pula also offers a variety of holiday accommodations that meet the needs and wishes of travelers. From luxury hotels with modern amenities to cozy apartments and holiday homes in a traditional Istrian style, there is something suitable for every taste and budget. Many holiday accommodations also offer the opportunity to spend the night near the historical sights and beaches, which makes the stay even more pleasant.

Croatian cuisine is famous for its delicious dishes, and Pula is no exception. There are many restaurants, cafes and konobas (local inns) that offer local specialties and international cuisine. The Istrian truffles, fresh fish and seafood as well as the delicious olive oil and the Malvasia wine from the region are particularly well known.

Overall, Pula is an attractive travel destination for vacationers who appreciate history, culture, beaches and gastronomic experiences. With its diverse holiday accommodations, its rich history and its natural beauty, Pula offers all the prerequisites for an unforgettable vacation in Croatia.

Vacation in Pula

Right above the port ...
The Roman amphitheater, the symbol of the city, is located which is the most meant Istria. In this fifth largest arena in the world, up to 23,000 spectators were enthusiastic about bloody gladiator fights during Roman times. Today, music festivals from opera to rock take place regularly.

Carry his tourist success ...
The 2500 hours of sunshine, which have found a harmony with the Mediterranean vegetation and the mild climate. In the dominant location above the harbor, the Roman amphitheater, the city symbol, is located. This is just a part of the cultural monuments left who made this city a treasury. Around the city and its middle there are numerous sights that you can look at, starting from the forum, a row. We can start your walk in the city center, where the forum is located. It is the oldest place in the city that was created at the Roman period. At that time there were the portico (place for the offer of Pulas inhabitants), temple triad, two twin stamps, the Augustus and Diana temple. Of these, the Temple of August has been preserved today. This temple was dedicated to the first Roman emperor. It was built between 2nd and 14th centuries, where he found its place on an elevated frame with stairs. Today you can visit the exhibition of the Roman stone sculpture. There is a city palace nearby, which was created from remnants of the two temples, i.e. from part of the row house and the Diana temple.

Bathing opportunities

With its rock, gravel and sandy beaches, Pula offers many great swimming opportunities for the whole family. There are numerous beaches along the kilometers -long promenade that have been awarded the ""blue flag"" thanks to the excellent water quality and good equipment. The beach is only 300 meters away from some holiday homes and apartments in Pula.

In the well -protected bay of Pula there are mainly rock beaches with wonderful bathing plateaus, from which you can dive into the crystal clear water. But there are also several pebble beaches such as the beach Valkane. It is suitable for the whole family and is even adapted to the needs of physically impaired people. A ramp makes it easier to access into the water, while the fine gravel beach ensures bathing fun with families.

In the Bay of Pješćana Uvala and Medulin, great sandy beaches are also waiting for visitors. Here small and large builders can build sand castles, water rats in the blue sea refresh themselves or relax sun -hungry under the warm sun of Croatia.

Sports & Freetime

Pula and Medulin are true sports and leisure centers for holiday home or holiday apartments.

The Verudela sports center has 22 tennis courts, mini golf, concrete, fenced basketball spaces, small football spots, three football fields and an athletic tartar trail. There are 2 sports halls in Pula.

In Medulin there are 6 lawn football spots, 14 km marked paths in nature, surfing opportunities, as well as engine and paddle boat rental.

You can dive in Pula, as in Medulin because of the heavily structured coast and the sea area, which is very rich in flora and fauna.

3 riding line ""Libora"", riding club ""Pegasus"" and ""Interagnet"". Ripe schools and sophisticated training for experienced riders of the obstacle race and trekking are organized.

Thanks to the good winds and a few cloudy and foggy days, you can enjoy flying in Medulin.

Bridget tournaments take place at the end of August and early September.

The cafes in Pula are highly recommended. For example the art café Cvajner, which is located on the forum.


More than 20 restaurants, 7 wine cellars, 15 pizzerias, 6 coffee houses, 1 casino, 10 discos, 10 sports centers, 7 diving centers, 6 galleries, 10 rental car depots, 6 banks, 7 petrol stations, outpatient clinic, 2 veterinarians, 2 libraries, 3 yachters (Tehnomont Marina Verudela: 610 Investing places, 200 berths on land, crane, restaurant, workshop, pizzeria, petrol station, supermarket, parking lot. ACI Marina Pula: 199 berths, 40 berths on land, crane, restaurant, café, parking. ACI Marina Pomer : 208 berths and 65 berths on land, lifter, restaurant, parking lot)."

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