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Punat is located on the south side of the island in a protected and enchanting bay. Small, closely built houses, dark wine cellars and many vineyards and olive groves give the Mediterranean coastal town a rustic charm.

Vacation in Punat

A special feature of beach life ...
In the Bay of Punat is a special wakeboard lift (water ski lift). In addition, you can explore the highest surveys of the island, the Veli VRH (549 m) and the Obzova (569 m) in the vicinity. Punat as well as the holiday resorts in the vicinity of especially affordable fish specialties and seafood as well as the holiday resorts, but also pizzerias. In the almost closed bay of Punat is the small, circular island of Kosljun on which there is a Franciscan monastery and on which monks still live today. Excursions to the island are offered from the port in Punat.

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