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Fischland peninsula

The Baltic Halinsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst in the National Park Vorpommersche Bodden landscape is a dream destination for those seeking relaxation and sun worshipers. The largest peninsula in Germany with a length of approx. 45 kilometers is located on the Baltic Sea coast between Rostock and Stralsund.
On the one hand the Baltic Sea, on the other side of the bodden. The unique landscape invites you to swim, hike, riding or biking. But even those who don't do sports will not be bored: old customs such as B. the toning is still alive and, as a folk festival, ensures great fun.

Fischland peninsula

The darß ...
The subsequent part of the peninsula is characterized by the Darß jungle, bogs, meadows and dune landscapes. Many rare animals have their habitat there. The Darß Western beach with its bizarre -deformed trees, the wind fuels, presents itself primarily to wind fliders. The well -known places in the region include the Prerow Seeheilbad, whose beach has already been named the most beautiful of the Baltic Sea and the former fishing towns of Born and Wieck. A starting point is also the lighthouse at the Darßer town with the ""Natureum"" information center of the ""Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft"" National Park one of the largest protected areas in Europe. It comprises parts of the darß, parts of Zingst z. B. the soly meadow and extends to the coastal region of Rügen. Countless water birds can be observed and, with a little luck, gun seals. In autumn and spring you can experience a special spectacle, the crane train. Several tens of thousands of birds gather and set off to their winter quarters, which are mostly in Spain or come back in spring.

Zingst ...
In the east, the Darß merges into the Zingst peninsula. The border is the Prerow current. Alternatively, you can reach the Baltic Sea resort of Zingst from the mainland near Barth via the Meiningen Bridge. Away from the hustle and bustle of the seaside resorts, the southern soil coast is embedded in a charming landscape shaped by the last ice age. Here you will find peace and relaxation at really affordable prices. There are only a few minutes drive to the Baltic Sea.

Sports & Freetime

The landscape is created for sporting activities. Whether by the sea or on the coastal waters - bathing, anglers, surfers and sailors find ideal conditions here. Paths to hiking, riding and cycling lead through meadows, reed areas, villages and forest areas. The region's network of cycle paths is well developed.

In the winter months, too, the nature lover and relaxation seekers attract with unmistakable advantages. As soon as the white splendor of winter has conquered the country, wide snow -covered beaches dive the beautiful peninsula in a contemplative mood. There are a wealth of recreational opportunities and activities.

Village and local festivals take place all year round.
Here are some examples:

-New Year's diving and bathing in Prerow,
-Masken balls in Born in January and February,
-See bridge festival in Prerow on Saturday after Ascension Day,
-Töpfer- und handwerkermarkt in Prerow on Pentecost Saturday and Sunday,
-The children's festival in Born on the second Saturday in June,
-The harbor festival in Wieck on the second Saturday in July,
-The dressage and jumping riding in Born on the second weekend in August, and the national park festival will take place in September in September
-The annual ending in the various locations ""of the year last hours""

Excursion recommendation

-Bernstein museum and the Bernstein-Therm in Ribnitz-Damgarten
-Ammer trips on the Bodden waters
-The ports of Barth, Fuhlendorf, Bodstedt and Barhöft (very well suited for water hikers)
-Experimentalarium in Zingst, an exhibition for children with approx. 25 interactive play equipment and a large playground
-See bridges at Zingst (270 m long), Prerow (394 m long) and Wustrow (230 m long)
-Kranich observatory Park Place
-Henhafen from Zingst with the white fleet and the traditional ship ""Mona Lisa""


In this way, the fresh and healthy air can be enjoyed particularly well when walks or bike tours are extended. Cafés invite you to warm up and rest. Ice skating, fishing and ice bathing are also a popular pastime. Ice sailing events and ice fishing are not uncommon in the case of corresponding weather conditions. Ice sailor, ice skaters, traditional sailing and pike sleds on frozen bodden offer a small attraction."

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