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The Italian boot tip of Calabria inspires as a wonderful bathroom with lots of sun, bright blue sea, evergreen nature and intoxicating fragrance of the pine forests, olive groves and citrus plantations.

Vacation in Calabria

Italy's boot tip ...
Calabria (Italian Calabria), the southernmost region of the Italian mainland, borders the Basilicata region in the north. In the northeast it is surrounded by the Gulf of Taranto, in the southwest of the Ionian Sea and in the west of the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the south, Calabria is only separated from Sicily by the narrow road from Messina. For many, this region is a real surprise with its wide, wonderful sea, the lush, partly still wild nature, the numerous architectural and works of art. Unique, fascinating Calabria of the thousand facets. Of particular beauty is the Codex Purpureus, a Greek Evangeliar from the 6th century, which is kept in the Diocesan Museum of Rossano.

Discover the original hinterland ...
While the coastal towns in the north are very popular with tourists, hardly anyone discovers the beauty and originality of Calabria further inland. Here you meet the local population directly and will be enthusiastic about hospitality and warmth. The south of the region is hardly accessible for tourism. Here, lonely mountain regions, dreamy bays and ancient traditions shape the picture.

Excursion recommendation

Bova Superiore (F)

The cozy old town with numerous palazzi, churches and the Norman fort

Gerace (f)

The magnificent cathedral from the 11th century, which is considered the largest church of Calabria due to its enormous dimensions

Coastal towers and ancient water mills (F)

Ricadi, ""Torre Marrana"", the watchtower dates from the 16th century and served as an early warning system to protect against pirate attacks.

Lampazzone, old watermill.

Locri (f)

Generous archaeological park with the excavation, temple residues, pillar halls, as well as the foundations of the Greek amphitheater from the 6th century BC. The modern antiquarian show shows essential finds such as pinakes (votive tables), vases, grave goods and terracotta figures with representations of the Persehone cult.

National Park in Sila (F)

Unaffected nature away from bathing tourism, mountain landscape in Calabria

""Ghoststadt"", the completely abandoned village

Church of the ""Piedigrotta"", which is located inside a tuff stone grotto, ""Castello Murat"".

Regio di Calabria
Riace's bronze decidians in the National Museum of the Magna Graecia in Reggio Calabria

Serra San Bruno
The monastery of St. Domenico

The ""La Cattolica"", the oldest Byzantine church of Calabria, which hugs monte consolino on the rock walls of Monte Consolino like chameleon.

The city of the two seas, in the town hall, is the seat of the Archaeological Museum (Antiquarium), in which valuable finds from the era between the Stone Age and the Middle Ages are kept. The special exhibition on old Kalabresian musical instruments is also recommended.

Norman cathedral from the 11th/12th Century, in the interior of which is the image of the ""Madonna di Romania"", church ""Santa Maria dell’isola"".

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