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The Emilia Romagna region with the capital Bologna extends almost across the entire width of Italy. The coastline, especially around Rimini, is also popular because of the numerous flat sandy beaches.

Vacation in the Emilia Romagna

Imposing art treasures ...
Emilia Romagna has a lot of culture to offer. Discover the oldest university in Europe in Bologna, the very well-preserved Renaissance city of Ferrara, the Byzantine masterpieces in Ravenna, the medieval Baptistry in Parma, the Malatesta Temple of Rimini or the old town hall of Piacenza. In Emilia Romagna you experience history up close.

Land of engines ...
Emilia Romagna is also called Terra di Motori (land of the engines), among other things, home from the well -known brands Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ducati. Motorcycle and Formula 1 races take place regularly on the well-known racetrack of Imola.

Excursion recommendation

Urban palace, King-Zo-Palace, basilica of San Petronio, Cathedral of San Pietro, the Church of San Francesco, the church complex Santo Stefano, pilgrimage church from the Madonna di San Luca.

Cathedral, Oratorio of the St. Sebastian, Palace of the Mayor, Albertini - Palace, The Castle of Ravaldino, Abbey of San Mercuriale.

Cathedral, the church of Sant'agostino, the church of San Bartolomeo, Torre Chirlandina (symbol of the city), museum palace, the Estenian library, Herzog - Palast, Galeria Estense, Palazzo Comunale.

Cathedral, Church of San Giovanni Evangelista, The Church of the Madonna della Steccata, Baptism Chapel, Palazzo della Piotta on the Piazza della Pace.

Cathedral, the church of Sant'antonio, basilica of Santa Maria di Campagna, the church of San Sisto, Palazzo Gotico (the town hall), Palazzo Farnese.

Reggio Emilia
Hall of the Trikolore, Villa Mauriziano, monument complex ""Corte Ospitale"" - Rubiera, the Cathedral Santa Maria Assunta, baptism chapel by San Giovanni, basilica of the Holy Virgin Madonna della Ghiara.

Old city of Ferrara
which is recorded by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Services. Worth seeing are Estense - Schloß, Schifanoia - Palace, the small palace of Marfisa d'Este

A must in the Byzantium of the West is the visit of its mosaics that shine from the precious gold of the east, and from June to September you can also admire it in the gentle light of the stars.

Temple of the Malatesta, Tiberiusbrücke, Sismondoburg, Roman open -air theater, Church of San Giuliano, Cathedral Santa Colomba

San Marino
The ""old country of freedom""

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