Questions about prices, additional costs, local taxes

Are the prices on the internet correct?
Yes, the prices on the Internet reflect the rent at the time of access with the possible exchange rate on the day of the advertisement. Please note that many landlords quote their prices in local currency and that these can fluctuate in relation to the sales currency (payment currency). However, if you have decided to book, this price is binding.

Are the prices given per person or per week?
The following applies to the rental price: For holiday houses, holiday apartments, mobile homes and tents per property. For hotels per person. The validity of the separately shown additional costs is also shown.

Are there discounts and special offers?
All landlords update their prices on a daily basis depending on supply and demand. The price shown to you includes all changes and is the binding final price, provided you do not book any additional services.

What extra costs might occur?
The rental price shows all the costs you have confirmed. There are no hidden costs. The only exception can be the state tourism tax (called visitor's tax), which either determines the respective location or the country and can change at any time.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
Basically yes. Usually this is 150 EUR per property. The exact information about the height can be found in the property description. The deposit must be paid in cash on site when the keys are handed over. After the rental property and the keys have been properly returned, the deposit will be repaid on site by the landlord. Experience has shown that some landlords offset these with previously agreed consumption costs. The handover of the deposit on site is mandatory for the landlord. This can only be arranged directly with the landlord.

Who does the final cleaning?
It differs from object to object. In most cases, the final cleaning can be ordered on site for an additional charge or is even included in the rental price. Please note the respective information in the property description.

What is a local tax? Do i have to pay them? What are the costs for me?
The state tourism tax (called visitor's tax) is levied by the country of accommodation, the region or the place. It is not part of the rental price, unless otherwise stated. In the offer you will always be informed where and when this will be collected.

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