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Travel checklist

Have you prepared everything for your holiday?

This checklist might help you with holiday preparations. However one might not expect completeness of the list.

At least 6 months before the vacation
  • Check the validity of your ID card or passport. Make sure it is valid for at least 6 months. Children require their own passport.

  • Check whether you have all the necessary booking confirmations and travel documents including directions.

About 2 weeks before
  • Important documents: Passport/ID card, driver‘s license (if required), insurance documents, emergency contacts

  • Copy your passport. In the event of loss, this makes it easier to request replacem

  • If necessary, clarify your upcoming stay abroad with your health insurance company

  • Check the validity of vaccinations (including for pets) and prepare vaccination certificates.

  • Pack a well-equipped first aid kit. Are all the medications you need in stock

  • Put together a first aid kit with plasters, bandages and analgesics.

  • Check whether your bank cards work in the holiday destination and, if necessary, inform your bank about your trip. Take some cash with you.

  • Make sure you have adequate insurance (motor vehicle, cancellation, health)

  • Check the functionality of the vehicle with a small workshop check

  • Order regular home deliveries and organize the emptying of the letterbox

  • Leave a travel plan with holiday addresses and house keys with friends

  • Clarify the key handover with the landlord or property management (should be noted on the voucher).

Shortly before the start of the trip
  • Get contact addresses for emergencies (automobile club, consulates, holiday home, etc.).

  • Check the maps in the navigation system and update if necessary

  • Charge all electronic devices and take the appropriate charging cables with you

  • Possibly get adapters for sockets in the country you are visiting

  • Put together a document folder that contains all your important documents and store them in a safe place

On the day of departure
  • Turn off the main water and gas taps

  • Close windows, doors and shutters (with timers if necessary

  • Unplug electrical devices that do not necessarily need to be permanently connected to the power supply

  • Turn off the heating and lights

  • Water plants sufficiently.

  • Important documents, means of payment, ID cards, insurance, emergency numbers, electronics, keys, etc. belong in hand luggage

  • Cosmetic items for personal care

  • Clothing, shoes, jewelry, umbrella, city maps, books, food, tools, etc

  • Think about special items and care products for children

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather (including swimwear), sun hat, glasses and sunscreen

  • Toiletries, hand towels and wipes

  • Check whether the holiday destination has all the kitchen utensils that you would normally not want to be without (coffee maker, kettle, toaster, etc.).

  • The most important spices, garbage bags, cleaning and dishwashing detergents

  • A few games, books or other entertainment options

  • Drinking water and some food for the first day

  • Camera, smartphone and other essential photography accessories

When leaving after your vacation
  • Check all rooms and make sure nothing was left behind.

  • Dispose of trash correctly

  • Turn off and unplug electronic devices

  • Turn off the lights and heating

Final check (before and after the vacation)
  • Check all windows to see if they are locked

  • Lock the front door or apartment door

This checklist is general and can be customized depending on your destination and personal needs. Don‘t forget to include individual requirements, such as special activities or special equipment, in your planning.

Holiday Home wishes you a relaxing and restful vacation.

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