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The Nature Conservation Area of ​​Altvater Mountains with the 1,492 m high mountain Praded (old father) is the second highest mountains of the Czech Republic. It is located in northwestern Moravia and Silesia, near the Polish border.

Vacation in the Altvater Mountains

Glacier kettle, spruce forests, mountain meadows, stone seas and peat bogs ...
All of this is the nature reserve of the Altvatergebirge (Hruby Jesenik), the second highest mountains of the Czech Republic. It is located in Northern Moravia and Silesia, near the Polish border and belongs to the Sudeten mountain range. Over 500 kilometers of route are available for hikers and cycling. The highest mountain with 1492 meters is the old father (Pradid). Some romantic valleys run between his often rocky peaks with numerous waterfalls where fox and rabbit say good night.

Dense network of hiking and bike paths ...
The mountain landscape forms a wonderful sight, which invites you to combat and hang on the forested tours along the forest. The network of the marked hiking and bike paths could hardly be denser. Nevertheless, this area is not overcrowded by the masses. You can find peace and contemplation here. The picturesque, almost lonely and barely developed Reichensteiner Mountains (Rychlebské Hory) is also part of the old father Mountains. If high human collections are a horror, you can relax here and find the abandoned granite breaks - some of which have been flooded and serve as bathing lakes - explore in the Zulova and Vapenna area on your own.

Bathing opportunities

Stone breaks
Vapenna, Zulova, Uhelna, Cerna Voda, Krasne

Free baths
Andelska Hora, Vrbno Pod Pradedem, Lipova-Lazne, Jesenik, Thermalbassin with mineral water in Velke Losiny (EUR 1.50/hour), Zlate Hory, Velka Kras and Ceska Ves. Indoor pools: Prießnitz-Heilbad Jesenik (spa town), Jorvannik, Bridlicna, Aquazentrum in Ceska Ves (EUR 2.50 per person and 5 hours)

Sports & Freetime

Jesenik in Nova Ves (sports school, glider EUR 10,-/hour). Summer events in Jesenik, Bruntal and Sumperk

Bowling & bowling
Jesenik, Sumperk, Bruntal. Mini golf: Jesenik

Tennis courts
Jesenik (tennis school, rental), Bela Pod Pradedem (also volleyball court), Zlate Hory, Ramzova, Sumperk, Bruntal

Jesenik, Ceska Ves, Skorosice, Horni Hermanice (Reitschule)

Lake in Bobrovnik at Lipova hospital

Excursion recommendation

Lipnik Nad Becvou
Helfstyn Castle with exhibition on art smithy (15 km north of Prerov)

UNESCO city center, Renaissance castle with artistically decorated facade (birthplace of B. Smetana)

Nature reserve ""Litovelske Pomoravi""

Historical city center with mausoleum, zoo

Silesian museum with historical collections

Rychlebske Hory
Mountains with waterfalls (northwest of Jesenik)

Slezska Harta and Kruzberk
Large water basin (5 km south of Bruntal)

Castle and Castle, at night visits (15 km north of Olomouc) Jornik: Castle with the largest pipe collection in Central Europe (Mai-August, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Admission EUR 1.25)

Cervenohorske Sedlo
Water basin dloous strane

Ceska Ves
Oldtimer club with museum (Juni-August 10 a.m.-5 p.m., otherwise 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., admission: EUR 0.50)

Mala Moravka
Recreation center with bathroom

Na pomezi and na spicaku
Dropstone caves with karst labyrinth, April-Oktober 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (2 km north of Lipova-Lazne)

Hiking trail to Praded (5 km west of Karlova Studanka)

Nature reserve in height 750 - 790 mnn with mossee and peat moor (8 km east of Jesenik)

Rudna Pod Pradedem
obvious summit Praded (Altvater)

Summit with chairlift in Ramzova and a nice view of the summit Jesenik

Velke Losiny
Castle complex with Renaissance interior, paper museum (9 a.m. to 3 p.m., entry EUR 1.30)

Zlaty Chlum
Laboring tower, 26 m high (between Jesenik and Ceska Ves)

Top tip

Summer tobogganing on asphalt: It is the first train in Europe for both children and adults. A mountain lift brings you up to the mountain and you then drive down the mountain as quickly as you want. The departure length is 855 m. Price: EUR 1.25/drive, EUR 5.50/5 trips.

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