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Stralsund is the "gateway to the island of Rügen" and is located directly on the strelasund, the sea arm that separates the island of Rügen from the mainland. Stralsund is rich in cultural offers. The Strelasund seaside resort is located on the strelasund, where many tourists and locals frolic. The flat water is also suitable for families with small children.

Vacation in Stralsund

To the place and the region ...
The independent city of Stralsund is located in northern Germany in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on the Strelasund, the sea arm of the Baltic Sea, which separates the Rügen from the mainland. Due to the location on the Rügendamm and the Rügenbrücke, Stralsund is also referred to as the ""gateway to the island of Rügen"". Stralsund's old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage since 2002. In the vicinity you can visit Barth and Ribnitz-Damgarten. Larger cities are Greiswald and Rostock. Stralsund is located near the ""Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft"" national park and has a city forest and three city ponds. Around 1.5 million day tourists visit the city every year.

To the history ...
In 1234 Wizlaw I., Fürst von Rügen, awarded the city right to Stralsund. The good yields of agriculture in the surrounding area and on Rügen in connection with the fish wealth of the strelasund and the bodden waters were a very good basis for a flourishing trade and prosperity. Around 1285 a new town south of Stralsund was mentioned. The ""Novum Forum"" grew quickly thanks to the quick immigration from the surrounding area and both cities were protected by a common city wall towards the end of the 14th century. The city's wealth made impressive church and monastery buildings, as well as a town hall. The city achieved a real flowering period during its membership of the ""Hanseatic Course"", a trade association of cities in Baltic Sea states, which controlled the trade of the Baltic Sea. From the middle of the 17th to the middle of the 19th century, Stralsund belonged to the territory of the Kingdom of Sweden. After 1990, Stralsund became a model city for the urban development of the new federal states. The historical city center with the old town harbor and other urban areas were thoroughly renewed by many renovation programs for urban development and monument protection.

Bathing opportunities

Baden and leisure
The Strelasund seaside resort is located on the strelasund, where many tourists and locals frolic. The flat water is also suitable for families with small children. The beach is divided into sections with a slightly rocky surface and fine sand. In the nearby forest and in the large park with Kurhaus there is plenty of space to play and go for a walk. Surfing, sailing and other water sports are very well received here. In Stralsund it is worth visiting numerous sights and events. The old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage since 2002 and has over 400 half-timbered and dealer houses that have been restored and renovated. There are still two of the ten former city gates of Stralsund, the ""knee gate"" and the ""Kütertor"". Two buildings that represent the North German brick Gothic are the Stralsund town hall and the Nikolaikirche, which are located right side by side. Important museums of the city are the German Sea Museum, the most visited museum, in the former Katharinenkloster and the Cultural History Museum, the oldest museum in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. A building of recent technology is the high bridge over the strelasund, which can be reached on the island of Rügen.

Cultural Opportunities

Stralsund is rich in cultural offers. Every summer the ""Wallensteintage"", a medieval festival, honor the defense against the Wallenstein siege of Stralsund in 1628. The ""Festival Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania"" also stop in Stralsund. Places in Stralsund are the Katharinenkloster and the Oceanum, a natural history museum with 39 aquariums. The Stralsund brewery, an open-air festival with various musicians from rock and pop, also includes the musical summer.


For excursions
In addition to harbor tours in and around Stralsund, excursions on the strelasund are also possible to look at the coastal regions of Rügen. The former sailing school ship Gorch Fock of the German Navy, built in 1933, is located in the harbor of Stralsund and receives many visitors on board who would like to find out about the moving history of the ship. For anglers, the Strelasund and the Bodden waters of the island of Rügen offer a unique biodiversity. In addition to pikes, pikepander and perches, you can also hope for eels, floe and marine trout.

For children
The Cultural History Museum offers guided tours on the subject of ""toys - yesterday and today"" to sensitively feel the development of toy production. Children find space for rumbling on the numerous playgrounds and green areas of the city. If you are enthusiastic about a harbor tour of Seemannsleben, you can become a captain on the knee pond and control the pedal and row boats. Water rats are in the right place in the recreation and amusement park Hansedom. Slides, whirlpools and a white waterway not only inspire the little ones. For adventure between trees, it is worth a trip to the climbing forest near Altefähr, just behind the high bridge over the strelasund.

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