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Revfülöp is a small former fishing village on the north bank its name (Rev = ferry) indicates a formerly important ferry connection to the south bank, which still enables the waterway to Balatonlelle, Balatonboglar and Badacsony.

Vacation in Revfülöp

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nearby Ecseri church ruins or the lookout tower opened in 2000 from which one can enjoy the view of Revfülöp and the Balaton. There is also a new asphalted bike path directly along the lake, a small mole and an idyllic park. Like many places on the north bank of the Balaton, Revfülöp is also known for its good wine, which can be cost in excellent wine bars. In addition to local restaurants and pubs that you shouldn't miss, you can also dine in an Italian pizzeria.

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