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The flattest Italian region of Apulia is located in an boot sales and combines landscape highlights such as gentle hills, dreamy fishing locations and picturesque olive groves as well as beaches with crystal -clear water.

Vacation in Apulia

Vieste ...
is a popular seaside resort almost on the top of the boot spur. The most varied and most beautiful coastline of the Gargano begins southeast of Vieste. Bright, steep rocks are blinding in the sun, above it the dense green of lush medium -sized. Cliffs grow out of the sea in front. Numerous mysterious grottos are hidden in the rocky coast. From the port in Vieste, boat tours with knowledgeable and clever boat leaders are offered almost daily in the previous season, which also drive into some grottos with larger boats. It is also advisable to explore the coastline from the country, for example by car or bike. The place Vieste itself has a winding Mediterranean old town, in which, as is so often the case in Puglia, the white color prevails and which lies on a rock plateau above the sea. There are different buildings worth seeing (a castle and some churches) and beautiful places with interesting views. Various on the sea you can see strange frames, these are the old fishing devices.

Peschici ...
is located in the Gargano National Park on a rock right by the sea. The coast of the Gargano is also described as the most beautiful spot in the Adriatic. However, Peschici has nothing in common with the typical Adria locations. It is more reminiscent of a small Greek town with its white -limited houses and the many winding stairs in the city. From here you can also make excursions to the area, visit the Tremiti Islands, trips to the Gargano nature park, in the grottos and in the neighboring places.

Ostuni ...
Ostuni is located in the province of Brindisi and rises about 250 meters above the coastal level, which is mainly built on with olive tree cultures. The city's buildings are almost all white with lime. Therefore, Ostuni calls itself the ""white city by the sea"". Only those buildings that cannot be attributed to the popular tradition are excluded. This mainly affects the cathedral, which has a very own shape. Your profile is curly curved with curves and curves. On the front, she has a large rosette. The construction goes back to the 14th century.

Gargano peninsula ...
Pastored green limestone cliffs, which, like long fairy fingers, reach in azure blue to turquoise sea, in front of the fine sandy beach, a small boat rocks on the waves and then bends into one of the numerous grottos. A blazing sun that still intensifies the colors on the bright blue sky. To be too good to be true? No, there is really this dream landscape: the Gargano peninsula forms the Italian boot spur. In the interior, it is high and heavily forested up to just over 1000 meters. In the north, the slopes fall off gently, in the south the mountain runners reach the sea and just leave space for a curvy coastal road. After each curve, the view is different - always dream beautiful. However, it is only recommended to those who do not get stomach problems.

Alberobello ...
In the beautiful landscape of the Itria valley surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and fields limited by low stone walls, you will find Alberobello, the city of Trulli. Trulli are typical Apulian stone houses with conical roofs. They can mainly be found in the Itria Valley, i.e. in the area between Cisternino, Alberobello and Ostuni. The structure of the ""Masseria"", the typical manor, which occurs primarily in the apulic landscape, was of great social and economic importance. The structure of the ""Masseria"" can be attributed to the villa of the late Roman Empire, from whose architectural and organizational structure the estate has originated. It is the most important design of the 16th century. The estate represented the appropriate environment to colonize such a difficult and ungrateful nature as the karst of the murge. During the 19th century, the ""Masseria"" experienced a change in its meaning. It was now no longer regarded as an economic necessity, but also as a place for the summer freshness. The most interesting paintings in local art, including pictures by de iesu, de Mauro and the school of Carella, can be found in the small chapels belonging to the goods.

Sports & Freetime

The tremiti islands offer beautiful grounds (bring equipment because there is no rental!), The bays around the Gargano and the Cape Léuca.

Experienced surfers can find interesting areas on the eastern tip of the Gargano. Beginners learn the sport, for example, on the sandy beaches between Bari and Brindisi, east of Lecce near Torre Chianca and San Cataldo or on the Ionian sea with its long, partly limited beaches in the south.

The Adriatic and the Ionian Sea offer interesting sailing areas. The Ionian Sea is rich in fish and often dolphins accompany the ship. The weather conditions are stable (high navigation security). The Salentine Peninsula is also a good starting point for a trip towards Greece. From here it is ideal a two -week sailing trip, in which you can visit the Ionian Islands and the associated mainland.

No special approval is necessary for fishing in the sea. Only those who want to fish in rivers and lakes needs a fishing license. However, this is usually available for a small fee from the local authorities.

Water sports
The clean beaches and the clear water on Puglia's 800 km long coast invites you to a variety of sporting activities such as swimming, sailing, surfing, diving and fishing.

Particularly nice hiking tours can be done on the Gargano Peninsula, in the hills of the Murge near Selva di Fasano and in the Itria valley (the Trulli-Land). However, the paths are often not sufficiently marked.

There are golf courses near the provincial capitals Lecce, Bari and Taranto as well as at Gallipoli.

Cycling / mountain biking
The coast of the Salento is ideal for relaxed bike excursions. The organized bike tours Bici & Baci are particularly recommended. Guided and accompanied by local cycling clubs, you can get to know the country and its people on two different tours. For mountain bikers, the Gargano is an ideal warm-up area due to its climate. Warm coastal areas and the Foresta Umbra with its cool, dense deciduous forests at heights up to 900 m form a varied area.

Excursion recommendation

Castellana Grotto
is a two -kilometer -shimmering grotto system.

The Murgia of Trulli
is a area between Alberobello, Locorotondo, Martina Franca and Selva di Fasano, where you can find white limestone houses with the funny pointed hats, which can find so -called ""trulli"".

The locks from the ""Pictive Mauer""
(in Bari, Trani and Barlette)

Calgano peninsula
Grotto paradise

Karstiges Apulia
(Egnazia, Polignano a Mare, Conversano, Castellana Grotto, Putignano and Gioia del Colle) - Archaeological excavations from the 1st - 2nd century AD

Rural and rocky churches
Modugno - St. Pietro in Balsignano
Valenzano - Ognfsantikirche
Conversano- the medieval abbey by S. Maria dell'isola
Cotignano - The Grottenkirche San Michele
Alberobello - Masseria del Barsento
Monopoli - The Grottenkirche from Spirito Santo, St. Maria Amalfitana crypt"

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