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Pisa Provinz

Here Galileo is said to have discovered the laws of gravity in experiments on the Pisa tower. The lively student city has angled alleys, small bars and a lot of atmosphere near the historical center with the many cultural monuments.

Vacation in the Pisa region

Place of miracles ...
The most important sights of Pisa are gathered on the Piazza The Miracoli. Here is the world -famous crooked tower, the campanile, next to the impressive Dom Santa Maria Assunta. With his white marble and the monumental construction, he became a model for buildings in Florence and Siena. Also part of the miracle is the imposing baptistery, a circular, 54 meter high baptismal church, and the Camposanto Monumentale cemetery enclosed by cliffs. Since 1987, the buildings around the miracle of the miracle have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The landmark of Pisa ...
The Campanile, the crooked tower of Pisa, is the symbol of the city. Because of the sandy substrate, the tower began to tilt to the southeast during the construction. After an interruption, the following floors were built to compensate. The construction of the tower, which started in 1173, was only ended in 1360. The campanile is 12 meters in diameter, 55 meters high and, like the cathedral, is made of white marble. The tour of the tower for future generations is secured by extensive renovation measures. The promotion to limited groups costs 15 euros per person.

Excursion recommendation

Borgo Stretto
It is the main business street with many shops that invite you to stroll.

Bridge ponte di mezzo
(German: The bridge in the middle)

It is the oldest bridge in the city that was destroyed during the Second World War and was later rebuilt.

The Palazzo Gambacorti

The Church of Santa Maria Della Spina

The Logge di Banchi
(German: Loggien by Banchi)

(Italian: Museo del Duomo)

There you can visit works of art from Pisa's churches and the cathedral treasure.

Church S. Stefano dei Cavalieri

Museo delle Sinopie
It houses a unique collection of frescoes of the great masters.

Museo Nazionale di San Matteo
A former 12th century monastery.

Orto Botanico
(German: botanical garden)

It is one of the oldest botanical university gardens in Europe.

Piazza Cavalieri
There is the Palazzo dell'orologio (German: watch palace).

Piazza del Duomo
German: cathedral square

This is also known as Piazza dei Miracoli (German: Platz der Wunder). Here are the most important monuments of Pisa: the Galleria in the northern part of the Camposanto (German: Holy Field), the Cappella del Pozzo, the Baptisterum, which is in front of the cathedral S. Maria Assunta and the crooked tower (Italian: Torre Pendente) located.

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