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Lido di Jesolo

Lido di Jesolo lies just about 40 kilometers from Venice between the mouths of the rivers Sile and Piave. The popular seaside resort inspires its visitors with endless sandy beaches and colorful leisure program.

Vacation in Lido di Jesolo

Pure variety ...
In Lido di Jesolo you can design your vacation according to your personal wishes, whether in the hotel or in a holiday apartment. And for the nautical campers, Jesolo has a modern leisure harbor. Jesolo is not just a beach holiday, but also offers a variety of entertaining, attractive and likeable experiences. A gratifying shopping spree, sensational shop windows full of attractive and exquisite ideas. In the evening, a cosmopolitan society flooded hundreds of bars, discos, restaurants, exclusive clubs, for every taste and all wallets that are often open all night until the morning. You can find theater performances and concerts, demonstrations and amusement everywhere in a casual and cheerful atmosphere. Because of his versatile offers, Lido di Jesolo is an exciting destination, especially for young vacationers.

Not just suitable for families ...
While families appreciate the flat and quiet beaches, young people also like to come to Lido di Jesolo because of the exciting nightlife. The proximity to the lagoon city of Venice with its many art treasures also make Jesolo a popular travel destination. The modern marina with space for 300 boats also draws holidaymakers by boat to Lido di Jesolo.

Sports & Freetime

There are plenty of water sports: swimming or diving courses, surfing, sailing or water ski schools (which borrow the necessary objects), jet skiing or paraflying. You can fish on the high seas or use modern yacht ports for your own excursions.

On the beach: gymnastics and gentle gymnastics courses for all ages, beach volley and beach rugby, games and competitions for young and old.

A whole series of sports halls and sports facilities offer a huge amount of sports: football or 5-person football, tennis, basketball, rugby, volleyball, strength sport and all other modern sports in fitness studios, or golf, dance courses, cycling and over 200 swimming pools the sea is not calm enough.

Excursion recommendation

Arena di Verona
It is the best known, second largest and oldest preserved amphitheater in Italy. The arena was built in the 1st century, around the same time as the Colosseum in Rome, and thus embodies one of the earliest examples from Roman architecture. Also visit the Arena di Verona and treat yourself to a fabulous opera evening.

The PO Delta
An extremely interesting and beautiful natural oasis for the flora and fauna in an unusual landscape.

Ancient city with the basilica of St. Antonius, the Scrovegni Church and the Hermitani chapel-the Padua of the Giotto and Donatello. In Arquà you should visit Petrarca's house from the 14th century.

The Trevisaner Mark has always been particularly attractive because of its cheerful landscape, its quiet watercourses and the towns, which are still surrounded by city walls and preserve traditions for centuries.

With its old and still important international port.

Fascinated with the Markusplatz and Dogenpalast, with its museums and gondolas and with its unique art and culture.

It shows the romantic side of Venetien. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, the city of Romeo and Julia.

The Alps show themselves from their most fascinating side.

Lake Garda
One of the most beautiful lakes in the world, with its cheerful towns, olive groves and cypresses.

The city reveals the whole splendor of the Palladio villas, a perfectly preserved historical center with the architecture of the 16th century and the versatile cultural events of the Olympic Theater.

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